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LIFESTYLE - 107. Rosetta Getty | known for minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, luxurious fabrics, modern art and architecture style


Rosetta Getty is an American fashion designer known for her eponymous luxury fashion brand, Rosetta Getty. She was born on March 9, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. Rosetta Getty started her career in the fashion industry as a model before transitioning to design.


Getty launched her eponymous brand, Rosetta Getty, in 2014. Her collections are known for their minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, and luxurious fabrics. Getty's designs often incorporate elements of modern art and architecture, reflecting her personal influences.


Rosetta Getty's brand gained recognition for its focus on sustainability and ethical practices. The designer is committed to creating pieces that are both environmentally conscious and timeless in design, encouraging customers to invest in quality, long-lasting pieces rather than fast fashion trends.


Getty's collections have been well-received by the fashion industry and have been showcased at prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week. Her designs have also been worn by numerous celebrities and influential figures.


In addition to her fashion brand, Rosetta Getty has collaborated with other brands and artists, further expanding her creative reach. She continues to contribute to the fashion industry with her innovative designs and commitment to sustainability.